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Fontana srl has undertaken a research project aimed to the optimization of existing resources in the areas historically under its expertise and the development of additional activities which enhance new skills. The essence of every Fontana's entrepreneurial intention is represented by those competences and experiences gained in the building construction. Nowadays, Fontana's skills take place as a result of activities in the following areas:
- design and construction of electrical system in civil and industrial area;
- design, construction and managment of hydroelectric power plants;
- research and development of real estate projects in direct sales.
The overall entrepreneurial action is added to the strong presence in the construction sector which is guaranteed by the subsidiary Tecnimpresa srl, a company operating in interventions that include the construction of new buildings and rehabilitation of existing buildings through restoration and renovation.
With the power and reliability of a heavy-duty engine that drives many blades of the same plow, Fontana srl ​​is facing the challenge of combining in one reality different productive expressions with which it can turn up and reinvigorate ”the modern enterprise land“.